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by on July 12, 2020
SOURCE — Transportation Alternatives @ medium.com - photo by @The_Jank on Twitter Editors Note: the word, "Cyclist" has been changed to, "People on Bikes." And the word, "Cop" has been changed to, "Police Officer." ...
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by on July 10, 2020
SOURCE - Laura Killingbeck @ adventurecycling.org Just when I reached the Golden Gate bridge, the nausea deepened. It was perfect. I took one hand off the steering wheel, rolled down the window, and vomited out the side of the car. The pavement flew by, and the red bridge flew by, and even though I was puking my guts out, I also felt like I was flying. I was winning the game. I rolled up the window, wiped my mouth, and kept driving. My stomach felt better like it always did at that point. I...
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by on June 10, 2020
SOURCE — Carlton Reid @ forbes.com (truncated) Alongside the confirmation for the full route of the HS2 railway expected on February 11th the U.K.’s Department for Transport (DfT) has announced new funding of £5 billion to boost bus use and bicycling. £1 billion is expected to be spent on building 250 miles of new, high-quality separated cycle routes and safe junctions in towns and cities across England. ...
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by on February 5, 2020
#Crtierim #Racing is fast, fun , and every weekend. The pros spill everything you need to know to make it your new favorite event. BY STEVE M. CULLEN / PHOTOGRAPHY BY PATRICK DALY June 3rd, 2019 ...
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by on February 3, 2020
Photos by Trevor Raab  written by Gloria Liu @ Bicycling.com, September 24th, 2018 ...
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